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Dishonest Idaho Nonresident License Buyers Beware

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Dishonest Idaho Nonresident License Buyers Beware

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Dishonest Idaho Nonresident License Buyers Beware

First off I would like to say hi to all here and give a little background. My father was a biologist with the Idaho fish and game for 20 years, early sixties through early 80s'. I have lived in Idaho for most of my life and have seen allot of changes go on here. I hope I can at the very least make a good discussion.

Ok now to the subject at hand.

This is really a smoke screen. Many people do not renew a driver’s license even after six months. While it is a law that you must acquire a state drivers license as soon as moving to Idaho I don’t know that it is enforced all that much. Also the regulations only state that you must prove residence and that if you do not have a DL then you must provide
An Idaho ID card issued by ITD and 3 documents bearing your name and adress not a po box, like a power bill, bank statement that is dated 6 months prior. The regs even state a notarized statement from the employer will work as well.
What’s wrong with this picture? Well for one a state ID is very very easy to get as well as the rest of the so call proof. Here is the kicker though. The reg state on page 3 that
A resident is defined as any person who has been, "DOMICILED" in the state of Idaho, with a bona fide intent to make this his/her place of permanent abode, for a period of no less then six months immediately "PRESEDING" the date of application for any license, tag or permit.
NOW if that doesn’t confuse ya the next little bit will as they go on to say that
Domicile means the place where an individual has his/her home to which he/she has the "INTENTION" of returning.

I don’t think though I am so concerned about the out of state hunter that gets a license early. I am more concerned with the climbing cost of resident licenses. All the while under the pretence of that there are less hunters. Only to see the CO's down at the local coffee shop in a rig that costs more then my home. a new rig that now days hardly gets off the black top.
Or reading that there will only be X amount of out of state tags sold for a given unit then being able to count three time that amount in out of state plates just in the small area I hunt .

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Dishonest Idaho Nonresident License Buyers Beware

You are right, if they were really interested in understanding and capturing the out of stater's getting res. lic., they would cooperate with the surrounding states in exchanging information regarding if there are applicants getting multi-state res. lic.

We live in the world of computers and databases, it's time our F&G move into the 20th century and use some of this technology.

There is something else going on with this. The department is very concerned about the non-resident lic. sales (we had a ton of them left over this year that didn't sell). Instead of focusing on the "product", they are focusing on the customer and working on advertising more about Idaho for hunting and fishing... too bad they don't put as much focus on management of ungulates and predators. Building a world class hunting experience will bring non-residents and get more residents involved in wildlife management.

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