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Digital audio caller

I'll be buying a compact solid state remote controlled wildlife caller consisting of only a speaker and transmitter. A state-of-the-art, solid-state digital audio system capable of reproducing each animal sound as accurately as possible. The sound system is controlled by software, just like a computer. This software control gives the product reliability and versatility that is unmatched in the wildlife caller industry. This transmitter has a range of 700 yards line of sight. This means you can expect to have 200 yards remote control range under less than ideal conditions.

? I'll be using this as part of my scouting. If you had to choose one or two of the sounds which would they be? Most of the calling will be a few weeks before the season in NH. Oct.21-29. Hope to use as a locator and will use with a atlas to find a hot spot. Time is not on my side so I'm hoping this will save time. And lead me to a nice Moose!

Moose adult bull aggressive (calls moose)
Moose adult bull reply call (bull moose answering a call from a cow moose)
Moose adult bull grunts
Moose adult cow aggressive (calls moose)
Moose adult cow mating calls (calls moose)
Moose calf blats (calls moose and predators)
Moose young cow distress (calls predators and moose)

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Digital audio caller

Never used remote callers but only advice I can give is. Don't call too often. if you get a response, wait at least fifteen minutes. If you get a second response,that should be enough.
Good luck
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