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Diffent choice for new scope

As all-successful tag holders start getting ready for this fall’s season, the question comes up about new equipment. You have the rifle that has served very well for the last 6+ yrs and you are getting into the new caliber hype, but you have avoided it. You start thing about a new scope? But with so many pieces of good glass, where do you look?


You have all the big named one’s; you have the new laser range finders,

I will though my 2 cents into this pot

Having used this system before and like it so much I purchased it for myself,





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I've read & heard that they

I've read & heard that they are good scopes but there not for me. Personally, I don't need the magnification - I'm not interested in long range sniping. Also, when I'm hunting, except for the first few minutes of daylight temperatures causing heat waves & mirage make high magnification pretty useless at least much past 6 -8 power. The bigger scopes weigh alot more. I tend towards lighter weapons & a big scope doesn't fit/feel right. I'm more of a "aim on hair" type. If the animal is so far away that I've got to put the cross hairs above the body, then I need to get closer. Those range compensating reticles, mil-dots, etc. are more complicated than my feable mind needs especially when I'm trying to kill an animal. Targets & ground squirrels maybe but not an elk or antelope. Of the scopes shown on that web page, I'd be most inclined to get the 1X4. You just be surprised how well a good clear 4X scope can work at some pretty distant targets.

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I'd rather have something

I'd rather have something light, fast and handy.

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