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Didn't chase up any Grouse

Last weekend while on a Blacktail scout. I was expecting to chase up a few of the grouse we have around here. I thought it was quite unusual that we did see or hear even one.

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Didn't chase up any Grouse

Weathers been alot diff this year maybe thats why?

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Didn't chase up any Grouse

I am having the same problem up here too, the birds I am seeing are holding real tight, then they tend to flush head on. But there is still alot of cover let that is stil green. Up here the ruffed grouse ussually want to flush away, or holdtight and go up behind you, they the I have gotten are young, but taking the oldest out on youth season this weekend hopefully I can get a better feel for the birds with him scuffing his feet eye roll , he's only 10 but time will show him the experince he'll need to wlak, but right now he is a good bird flusher.

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