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Desert sheep pickup

Finally got pix of a ram my buddy Nate found. He helped me out on my sheep hunt last fall and found a few elk sheds while looking for sheep. Last month we went back into the area to look for fresh sheds.

We were spread out about 100 yards from each other and only a 1/4 mile from where we had camped wile hunting. When we heard him yell "get over here". I was expecting to see a 200" buck by the way he was hooting and hollering.(Nates a mule deer guy, elk antlers don't excite him for some reason) My other buddy Cody and I could not believe it when we saw the dead ram laying there. He was laying about 15 feet from a slick rock mesa. He fell at least 100 feet and had landed on a juniper tree at the base of the cliff. I'm not sure if a lion drug him out of the tree or if he managed to flop out of it before he died but you could tell by all the busted branches he definitely landed on the tree.

After a long smelly pack out we headed down to the DOW office to check it in. We showed the local officer and he said Nate could not keep it. You should of seen the look on his face.  Shock!

We insisted that you can keep pickups and after a couple phone calls the officer agreed. However they did not plug it and it is non transferable. We had to show them were we found it on the map and I called the sheep biologist I got to know last fall and let him know exactly were the ram died.

I had seen this ram during my sheep hunt on a mesa about a mile north of where he died. He was with a herd that had two rams in it that were bigger than him. One full curl and one curl and a 1/4. I tried to get up to them but there was no way up the mesa without rock climbing gear or a helicopter. I was never able to find them later in my hunt.

The ram was about 9 years old, gross scored 168 and nets just under 165

Nate truly found the pickup of a lifetime. 

Desert Bighorn find.jpeg
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That's a very nice

That's a very nice Ram!


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That is a great find.  I

That is a great find.  I found one similar to that one in Utah 40 years ago but due to the amount of deterioration I just left it.

One thing about picking up heads like that is that I know that in Utah and Arizona you could be charged with poaching by doing what you did.  Utah does allow for you to contact a wildlife official and give them the GPS location and they will check it out and they they will allow you to have the head after they investigate it.  I'm not sure about Arizona. 

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Awesome find !

Now that is a super find !! Thumbs up I always think its funny when the CDOW does not even know there own rules ???? Huh? My brother found a wonderful desert bighorn deadhead a few years back in Dominguez Canyon and we went through the same thing.

Back in 1984 I found a huge ancient desert sheep horn on the rim of the Gunnison Canyon. It wieghed over 20 pounds by itself. I wish I still had it, but my dad gave it to the guys from Tennessee a couple years after I found it.


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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Can't help but think Utah & Arizona are a little too tightly wrapped if they are so against picking up heads.  I understand the possible poaching angle to it but as I mentioned in the subject line, it assumes guilt unless proven otherwise.  When I've been roaming in the hills here that have wild sheep populations, the best possible trophy I could find would be a sheep head, regardless of size.  Hasn't happened yet but if & when it does, you can be sure I'm carrying it out.  No doubt I'll present it to a DOW employee for documentation - not because I'm worried about some type of illegal activity but more to provide biological info the the department.

This ram is spectacular - Congrats on the find!

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Congratulations on a great

Congratulations on a great find. This shows just how important it is to know your game laws or you could have lost out big time. Most hunters don't know all the laws and Iv'e found some wardens like this to be slightly off as well. They don't mean to do bad by it just don't know all the rules.

Congratulations again, I hope I'm as fortunate someday.

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Wow that is a great find and

Wow that is a great find and it's good to hear you got to keep it especially after hauling that smelly thing.  I hopw to find soemthing like that someday.

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