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Dermestid beetles for skull cleaning

Dermestid beetles are used by universities and museums to prepare skulls and other bones for display. Boiling of skulls is messy, smelly and can damage delicate bone structures such as nasal membranes, as well as impart an oily film to the bone. Boiling also shrinks skulls! Preparation with flesh eating beetles avoids these pitfalls. These beetles are easy to multiply and maintain, by following a few simple procedures.

I operate a licensed taxidermy business, “Kodiak Bones & Bugs Taxidermy”, and specialize in ONLY high quality skull cleaning and European mounts using dermestid beetles. Living in Kodiak Alaska, I obviously know the quality demanded by discriminating hunters who have paid tens of thousands of dollars for a Kodiak bear hunt!

This kit will include 1000+ (frequently 1200-1400) dermestid beetles and beetle larvae of all sizes of their multiple stages. This kit allows immediate cleaning of deer sized skulls. The 1000+ colony is $75, domestic shipping INCLUDED!

The beetles/larvae are shipped in the medium they create when they reduce specimen and bedding material to a sawdust-like material, called frass. The frass also contains many eggs.

I include detailed instructions for best maintenance and growth of your colony, and procedures to prepare/clean skulls. These include important tips from a long period of raising dermestids, and will greatly assist you in avoiding costly beginner mistakes while establishing and growing your colony! Aquariums or large plastic totes (with a screened lid) are appropriate containers for your colony.

The colony is shipped using Priority Mail, to insure rapid delivery. I notify you by email when I ship, and provide a confirmation number for tracking on Most importantly, I will gladly correspond by email to answer questions and offer startup support to persons who purchase my kits. LOTS of issues can and will come up when culturing beetles and cleaning skulls with dermestids. Don't take chances with your trophy, consider what after-the-sale support is worth...?

My colony is 100% healthy; I guarantee you will not get mites and/or fly larvae in the shipment, (which will eventually wipe out your colony). As a small business owner, I hold customer satisfaction as the primary ethic behind my business. I work diligently to earn customer support and respect, and I have many repeat customers and referrals. Please purchase with confidence! Thank you for the opportunity to meet your needs!

You may order directly at, or contact me at [email protected], or 907 942 BUGS. Volume discounts available.