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Deer Hunting in GA

Hello everyone...I wanted to ask a couple of questions regarding hunting in GA. I moved to Atlanta from Louisiana 5 years ago. I grew up hunting at the same deer camp most of my life and started hunting some new spots in college. However, I've only hunted three times since moving to Atlanta, mostly because I only have one buddy that is in a club, and they can only bring guests a couple of times a season. I've considered joining the club, but it's about a 3 hour drive from ATL and I doubt I would be able to get out there often. My 6 year old has really been on me about taking him hunting and he's about the same age I was when I started hunting. I took him out to sit in a stand in Louisiana this weekend to look at deer with his binoculars (we didn't take a gun b/c I didn't have time to grab an out of state license), and he absolutely loved it.

With all that being said, I've looked up some information on GA WMA's, but I'm still not sure exactly how it works. In Louisiana all the hunting I did was on private family land and I want to be sure I am complying with all state and local WMA regulations when I go out there. If anyone could offer some advice (good WMA's to hunt, are there stands, can I bring a ground blind, etc.) I would greatly appreciate it. Anything in a 2 hour driving radius or less would be ideal.

Thanks in advance,

Josh F

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Josh F, welcome to Bgh! I'm

Josh F, welcome to Bgh! Thumbs up

I'm not much help with hunting Ga, but chrisp hunts in Ga some and maybe Jtapia. Someone should be able to give some good advice. Remember to show us the pics and tell the story when you succeed.

Good luck and good hunting. Thumbs up

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Dang I missed this one.

Welcome to BGH Josh.

I have only hunted private land in Ga and that was outside Blakely Ga with a peanut farmer that I was doing a job for.

My wifes sister lives in Villa Rica though but her husband don't hunt and far from an outdoorsman. I have certainly seen tons of deer there though. There are deer everywhere over there. I'll ask her who owns the land that surrounds her house and get back to you. She has had numerous problems with deer in her yard and up and down the road and would love to see them thinned out but again, no hunters in her family and I am never there during hunting season.

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Thanks for the info. If this person in Villa Rica wants to allow one more, Ill even buy him a case of beer..or coke! Big smile I would like to learn about a few places to hunt nearby Atlanta as well. I went to Macon a couple of weeks ago, but it is too far to go...every week!


Thanks again