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Deer in a Combine!

Hey Folks,

I found this pic on another forum - I hope it has not already been posted here - looks like the farmer harvested more than corn on this farm!

I know this seems far fetched - but I do not know bucks will hold tight until the last moment - and sometime that last moment is too late... I had a buddy that ran over a 10 pointer with a bulldozer one time. The buck waited until the last minute to jump up and got caught between the blade and the ground.

It did not kill him but it broke his legs up and they had to dispatch him with a pistol.

Sad day for both of these bucks.

Thanks -


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I have seen it before Jim,

I have seen it before Jim, but not sure if it was here.  It is a pretty remarkable thing. 

The photo almost looks fake though.  Just kinda funny, I guess.

But like you said, they do hold tight in that corn till the last minute. Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

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