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Deer attack

I'm glad this guy wasnt hurt to bad.

Buck deer attacks Oregon resident

 October 22, 2010


Pendleton, Ore.—On October 21, 2010, a buck mule deer attacked Quentin Hinds, 49, of Hermiston, at an Army Corp of Engineer Wildlife Area just below McNary Dam near Umatilla, resulting in injury to the man’s leg that required medical treatment. The man, who was bird watching at the wildlife area, apparently got too close to the deer while taking photographs. He was treated and released from a local hospital.

The fall is breeding season for deer in this area, and aggressive behavior by buck deer is quite common. Often referred to as the “rut,” males engage in sparring matches and run off other bucks in competition for females (does).

“People should be very cautious this time of year around deer and never approach any wildlife,” said Kevin Blakely, ODFW Watershed District Manager. “While there is a lot of interest in viewing deer at this time of year, people should always maintain a safe distance.”

ODFW biologists, Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division troopers and Army Corp of Engineer personnel are looking for the deer. Unfortunately, the deer are quite used to human activity on the wildlife area, which has several popular fishing ponds, and the individual deer will have to be removed to prevent any incidents in the future.


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I know the guy wasn't

I know the guy wasn't necessarily a tree hugger, but isn't it funny how these nature people will yell and scream about the hunters being the ones that don't know about or care for wildlife?  Yet, how many of us would approach a deer like that in a similar situation?  It's funny how those of us that spend the most time in the woods with the animals, actually are more intelligent than those other guys........ Yes

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Use a longer lens

Seems like the guy could have used a longer lens to "watch birds". He was probably trying to see how close he could get.

 I guess he found out!

 I'm glad he wasn't hurt, too.


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Must of watched Bambi too many times

People other than hunters just seem to underestimate the danger potential that exists with deer.  There was an older gentlman killed in Rancho Santa Fe here in San Diego a couple of years ago.  The buck was in his garden and when he tried to scare the deer away, instead of running off, it charged him and sent an antler down his throat.

Glad this guy got off wiith a warning...

On another note, it sounds like they are saying that they are searching for this deer now so they can "remove" it?  I sure hope they don't look real hard.  That would be a damn shame!

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Animal attacks will continue

Animal attacks will continue to grow as man encroaches more into animals territory and vice versa AND "animal-lovers" refuse to grant access to hunt on their land.

There was a post about a mountain goat that killed a man on another thread.  It is sad when people get hurt, but often it is because they believe all wild animals are like Bambi.

Many people have no clue what real animals are like - they are sweet and cuddlely like they show on tv, they are wild and will hurt you.

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I agree... the bambi and

I agree... the bambi and disney affect are pretty scary. It literally removes all common sense from people. If you want to see human being driving around, doing some of the stupidest things you have ever seen because they have lost all common sense, go to one of our bigger national parks and find a traffic jam because of an animal. The people there will amaze you with how close they will try and approach animals. And if you warn them that they need to come back to the road so they do not end up getting squished by a bull moose that weighs over a half ton, good luck because you will be getting an ear full. In Yellowstone I have seen people try to put their kids on the back of bison. My dad almost killed the guy who was doing this. My little 5 year old brain latched onto that confrontation and I'll never forget it. It is a shame that the guy got hurt but hopefully he learned his lesson.

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