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Had an interesting thing happen weekend before last and I wanted to share with you.
It starts 2 seasons ago when a Black Bear started visiting my Wife's corn pile. It being her 1st time in the woods with a Bear she was understandably concerned and didn't want to hunt that stand location any longer.
I had seen a small Buck at the entrance to our lease at the beginning of the season and even though he was legal I wanted to put my wife on some decent Bucks which is why she ended up where she was along with the Bear.
I moved her stand there where the small Buck was coming out of a small swamp head into some 6 or 7 year old planted pines.
While showing her the location of the stand and how to get to it we found several small scrapes made by the small Buck which when I explained to my wife what they were she became VERY excited. She even started hunting the stand on days I could not go with her. Well some guys at the store where we would stop for drinks and snacks and such told her about Code Blue deer urine which she bought and proceeded to take a bath in it. She sprayed it on her clothes, her boots, on a drag rag, on every bush on the trail leading to her stand and even on the stand itself.
Two days later she called me to tell me that the Bear was back at her New stand and that it had scratched the sides of her stand and she wasn't hunting anymore. I rode out there the next morning too see this. What I found is In the pics. The small Buck had made a scrape at the bottom of the stand, torn all the cut brush that was used as camo for the stand legs and made a rub on the stand leg. The pics were taken with disposable camera so the rub doesn't show up very well on the stand leg but the small scrape is obvious.
Now ahead to weekend before last. I use my climber to climb a tree overlooking a nice trail convergence and covered in scrapes, rubs and droppings.I get to the top and start settling in when I reach into my pockets of my coveralls for my gloves something falls out and clangs off the stand and lands about 10 ft from the base of the tree. You guessed it, it was that bottle of Doe urine that I had picked up from my wifes stand that morning after she quit hunting. I didn't get to hunt much last season and never cold enough to wear the coveralls until this morning so the bottle had been in my pocket for almost 3 years in a storage tub in the storage room.
After about 20 minutes had passed a large doe and small yearling came down a trail, stopped and made a beeline straight to the bottle of Doe urine at the base of the tree I was in, sniffing and even a soft bleat from mom doe. Few minutes later a small Button Buck comes down same trail and does same thing, beeline to the doe urine bottle, sniffing and lip curling. Then about 10 minutes later, from behind me, a small spike comes up the trail, neck and head and tail sticking straight out and beelines to the doe urine bottle, lip curling and pawing at the ground. He runs off the button buck and makes and attempt to sniff the doe to which she was having none of that. He retreated and proceeded to make several more scrapes and freshen up 2 existing ones. After about 1/2 hour of this the Doe and yearling finally moved on and the small spike trailed off behind her. I never did see the Real Buck that was making the scrapes to begin with but I was satisfied with the days hunt.
Amazing that the Doe urine retained its "stuff" for almost 3 years and caused such a ruckus then and now.
Code Blue Deer # 136116 was on the bottle. She be the stuff.

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