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Dead running deer

This passed season I shot a nice eight point. Put my cross hairs right on his front shoulder. The deer was about 85 yards away. The remington 30-06 core lokt bullet performed excellently.When i shot the deer he ran for nearly 200 yards on what i new was a clean heart shot. I new had not missed but I was skeptical since the deer ran out of sight. I finaly found the deer, and saw it was a perfect shot. When I cleaned the deer i found that the deers heart was totally demolished but the deer was still capable of running 200 yards. Has this ever happened to anyone else or just me

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Dead running deer

I have had a perfect heart shot on two deer and both ran quite a distance. The blood trail made them easy to find but I have had better luck with lung shots. They seem to anchor the deer in the spot.

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Dead running deer

I believe the only way to drop a deer flat is to hit them in the spine in the front part of the body.


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Dead running deer

I had one run about a hundred yards, fist 60 yards or so had plenty blood trail and then nothing. Circled around for another 40 yards in the same direction the deer ran and finally found him, the heart was gone and it was a clean through and through. Funny how you can do one in the lungs and watch it walk off like nothing happened and all of a sudden 10 feet later it keels over while you're thinking you missed... eye roll

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Dead running deer

Yeah, the biggest deer that I shot ran atbout 20 yards along the bottom of a hill and then turned and ran 40yds UP the hill and AWAY from the creek. And people always say they won't run uphill and that they run to water.

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Dead running deer

out here in calif. i shot a blacktail with my bow at 25 yrds. hart and lungs and I blood trailed it up a very steep uphill over 150 yrds .. and on the same note Ishot last yrs. deer at 12 yrds and he went about 20 yrds and crashed I spined one and watched the front laegs try to run away I guess there is no set yardage for the derr to pass Big smile

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Dead running deer

Found the following links that hopefully will be helpful to everyone:

Elk and Deer Anatomy Overview: http://www.bowhunting.net/NAspecies/elk2.html

In looking at an elk's circulatory system and bone structure, there appears to be two good spots to shoot for:

1. Heart and Lung area slightly behind the front leg / near the top of the shoulder.

2. Spine / Base of Neck Area. Following the forward portion of the front leg 1/2 to 2/3'rds up to where the neck meets the spine. There are a lot of major support bones in this area that when broken, should anchor the animal very quickly.

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Dead running deer

he didnt go far thats all that matters

I am a true believer in the One shot one kill method..