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Al-Zarqawi, or however you spell his name, exploded today during an airstrike. He beheaded a lot of people, and masterminded a lot of terrorist activities, not to mention was all-around just not a good guy. The bottom line? I'm glad he's dead!!!

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Ditto. What I'd like to hear is the Air Force story. If you know anything about how airpower is employed, it's remarkable that the intel could be processed that quickly and bombs put on target. The revolution in recent years has been the ability to compress the target cycle, commonly defined as FFTTEA -- find, fix, track, target, engage and assess. It's one thing to respond in minutes for a close air support mission when there's troops in contact and a controller on the ground -- but another to get a phone call saying a bad guy's in a building somewhere and you have to get iron overhead flown by a pilot with correct weaponry, fuze settings, knowledge of the target, and nearby threats.

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Or as we said in the Navy.......detect, track, designate, shoot, kill,.......next.