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Date night in MO+ Frog gigging= not much fun

So around my house date night falls on Friday night since my girl bartends on Saturday. Well The season for frog gigging had only been open for about a week and a half and I had been itchin to go. As it turns out the only available time I had was on friday night, bummer. Oh well I'll bring the woman.

I should have know it was going to be a crappy trip when i flipped over the canoe and found a coiled up copperhead, well actually my golden retriever Gracie found it frist. Luckily Gracie and I parted from the snake unharmed. What a beautiful critter! Went home and my spot light charger was broke, so all i had was a maglight and two headlamps. we made our way out to the lake frogs were talking like crazy, i would nose the boat up to shore and they would be within 5 feet of us but we couldnt see them. i think for a truelly succesful gigging trip you need 3 men, one to stab, one to hold the light, and one to paddle or run the motor.

Well we decided to try another lake and after dragging the canoe thru some poison ivy we made it to the waters edge, same deal at this pond frogs were all over but our sad little lights couldn't find them. she said she had an ok time, but next time I wont forget to charge the light and hopefullly we will be eating frog legs!


Here in MO frog season starts june 30th at midnight and the limit is 8 per person

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I am going to have to give

I am going to have to give that a whorl with the ladies out here. We've got quite a few gals in this college town. Not quite as many frogs however.

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"3 people to do a successful

"3 people to do a successful gigging trip"

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at all your antics - flipping the canoe, barely avoiding a copperhead, dragging the canoe through poison ivy - - what next?

I was thinking either 3 musketeers or 3 stooges, but I'm not sure which! lol

It sounds like you had a lot of fun and also learned some things to do better next time. I hope you get to eat some frog legs next time - they're really good!

Good Luck - and be careful out there! Yes