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The Dark Side

Went to the Dark Side (Only Joking)
Had the chance to have a AR platform built so I took the plunge. Now I am not new to the AR (Carried one for Years, Many years). But have always been a fan of bolt rifles for the accuracy, with the vast improvement made and floating barrels, they don’t shoot one hole, but I have rifles that will (provided I do my part).

Had a 1-7 twist barrel enabling the shooting of heavy bullets, worked up the load that I like and the rifle likes. Feeding the rifle 68gr HPBT’s moving at 2950.

I did resist the BIGGER is better battle on the scopes, stayed with a nice little 2-7 power, I killed lots of animals with a fixed 4 power, I don’t think I need a 6-18 power scope to shoot coyotes? I have reached out to 300yds with the set up now, I can call them in closer than that.

Mags: they tried to load me up with a bunch of 20 rds mags; I passed on them and took 1 5 rd, and 2 10 rd. mags. If I cannot get the dog in 5 rds, what good is a 20 rd going to do?

have to forgive the mess in the room, lots of cleaning, lots of relaoding, lots of shooting

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Very nice looking setup

Very nice looking setup there.  It's always fun to have a little project like that going on, and even better when it comes out like that.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great looking rifle. I also

Great looking rifle. I also prefer bolt guns for hunting but love the black ones as well. And honestly I have had less issues as far as reliability with my auto's lately than I have the bolts I've bought over the last few years.

I guess I just love all guns no matter what they look like.

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Very good looking set up you

Very good looking set up you got there.  I too have been thinking about making the plunge to the dark side.  I guy that works for the same company I do is big on thre AR scene/  he told me you can build one for alot cheaper than you can buy one.  So I just need to stop thinking about it and just get started and buy the upper and get going on some cool accessories.  Keep us posted on the progress of the gun build.