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Dall sheep hunters

I'm writing a research paper for my college english class about dall sheep hunting and why we do it. So if you are one of us who is crazy enough to chase these critters i'd appreciate it if you could tell me basically why you do it. What you're individual motivations for chasing sheep are as opposed to moose or anything else. it'd be much appreciated.

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Dall sheep hunters

I can't help you out on your paper but that sure is a nice ram you got there Thumbs up

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Dall sheep hunters

I really can't explain why I love hunting the Mts for sheep and goats. It could be the rush of being on top of the world or the test of your physical endurance (more like the endurance of pain). The adrenaline rush of knowing one wrong step and that's all she wrote. The animals themselves are amazing to watch as they traverse that terrain. Then there's the sheep meat, which is second to none. Maybe its just that you're traveling country that very few people will ever have the priviledge to experience. All in all its just very humbling.
BTW Congrats on an awesome ram. Here's a pic of the 37" ram I took this August. Good luck with the paper.

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Dall sheep hunters

WOW!! Incredible photos.

Thanks for posting! Big smile

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