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CZ 550 rifle

These European bolt action rifles, although fairly new on the scene here in the U.S. have been around for a while in some other similar models versions such as the older Brno 602. They are based largely on the M98 Mauser action, being a fairly close copy. This does make them attractive to a lot of Mauser fans (like me!). They are reasonably well made, and as well finished as pretty much any American made rifle of the last 10-15 years or so.

They are not extraordinary in any specific manner, but do give the hunter/shooter a very well made rifle based on an old and proven design. Again, many experienced riflemen do favor that proven Mauser design and do not hesitate to buy a rifle based on it, when a nice speciman shows up.

I bought two of the FS versions of the nice CZ 550 in the last couple years and I have been very satisfied with the quality and value I received with their purchase(s). These rifles allow for direct ring attachment to the receiver through a system of dovetails and rails. It's a good sturdy system, not unlike our Ruger 77's integral system. It certainly makes for a strong system, leaving out the extra base "connections".

The rifle also has a single set trigger which is, to me, a great feature. The trigger may be used all the time in the typical manner, simply by squeezing it to make the rifle go boom. It can also, very easily, be used in the set position if preferred at any time. Simply nudge the trigger forward a bit from behind and it will "set" itself and give the shooter a much lighter trigger pull.

Without measuring the pull weights, I'd estimate the triggers on my two rifles to be set at about 3.5 lbs (normal pull) and 1 lb (set pull). So, with the flick of a finger you can easily get a target weight trigger at the range, or even in the field if you desire. I like it.

Both my guns are blued & walnut versions (full stock). The wood and finish are very nice on both guns and the polish level of the blue, while not overly "bright" is nice. I used Warne rings on both of my CZs and found the gloss rings a bit more polished, while the matte scope on one, less polished than the bluing (hope that made sense!)

Excellent rifles and found in a couple of hard to find calibers to, such as 6.5x55 & 9.3x62, which happen to be two chamberings I really like. Want a new rifle? Give the CZ 550 series a look, and I doubt you'll be disappointed. :yes: 

There's a picture of these rifles, should you be interested, here:   

MVC-008F.JPG129.21 KB
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I looked at your photo's

I looked at your photo's yesterday and thought that one of those would have to be something special. Maybe a 6.5 Carcano with a 20' barrel and a low power scope on it. I have a very nice, very old Redfield 1-4x in a drawer in the bedroom that would do well. Maybe even a 6.5 Jap! What a great looking woods rifle it would be. Bet they handle pretty nice?

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I find that they do handle well, being a tad shorter than a typical bolt gun. The bolt on the 6.5 is a bit smoother than the 9.3's is, but I figure it will smooth itself out with a bit more use. I'm very happy with overall fit and finish and the wood on both is above average and the 9.3's wood is very nice. Some nice extras too, with the addition of dual crossbolts on the 9.3 to strenghthen the stock.

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CZ makes a great weapon, have

CZ makes a great weapon, have a 527 heavy and 75B in 40sw enjoy shooting them


good choice


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I have the CZ 550 American in

I have the CZ 550 American in .308 that was a graduation gift.  The set trigger and detachable box magazine are features that aren't extremely common it seems, but I don't think I'd change a thing.  I just recently upgraded the scope so I need some kind of season to roll around and go see if the scope was the problem...

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I bought a 452 American .22 rimfire on recommendations from this site.

I have found it to be an accurate and well built rifle.  Granted, some of the finish details are a bit rougher than we are used to seeing in many arms, but in the majority of cases, I'll take accuracy over fancy detail every time.  I did spend a little time cleaning up the trigger, but it was actually better than most right out of the box.

If the big bores are anything like the rimfires, they will serve your purposes well.


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