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Crows down......

Me and my bud went out last Saturday to blast some of the Black Devils.  In two hours we had one dozen of them laying around dead.  Typical Crow/ owl fight decoy set up with crow decs in the trees.  I freaking love hunting these little buggers.........best kill number to date in one sitting.  It was a balmy 8 degrees, but worth it....

18 Dec 10 12 crows.JPG
18 Dec 10 12 crows.JPG1.39 MB
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WOW!!  * degrees to go out

WOW!!  * degrees to go out and shoot some crows...thats dedication.  Nice job!!

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Wow, you don't see alot of

Wow, you don't see alot of guys out shooting the crows anymore.

I never got into it, but had alot of guys back in Vermont that would do it.  They always used the owl decoys.

Congrats!  Looks like you guys had fun, even if you froze. lol


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Back in the day . . .

. . . when the was no closed season on crows and you didn't need a license to shoot them, my cousin and I would pop one whenever we got the chance.

One time we were out with our .22's, just looking for something legal to shoot (gophers, crows, starlings, etc.) and we first heard, then saw a bunch of crows worrying an owl that was sitting in a tree in a gully in the center of a field.

Problem was, we were in the woods across the field and knew that we could never cross that field to get close enough for a shot without the crows spotting us. We got the idea of picking a blade of grass (wide blade) and holding it between our thumbs extended upward and blowing through the opening between the thumbs to make a "crow call".

We started blowing and making a rude, squealing crow call that you wouldn't think would fool anybody, much less a crow. But here they came, flying out of the gully toward us like pigs to the trough.

They came in droves and even from other directions. We were so amused by this preposterous situation that we started laughing until we were rolling on the ground.

They finally saw us and we never got a shot.

Way to go on the crows, guys. In my opinion there are way too many of those rascals around.



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this year, when coyote

this year, when coyote hunting, i came upon a flock of crows. maybe 50-75. there was a very stiff wind and they were feeding in a field.

i laid in wait at the edge of the field and kept firing. after each shot, they would fly into the wind which only held their position above their dead friends. after a few moments of them tiring from the flight, and no more noises, they would land again... and again... and again. i nearly ran out of shells (a whole box of 20) all with my favorite instrument of destruction, the winchester model 70 in .243. ahhh, i can still smell the burnt powder.

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