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Crossbow statistics

We were having a discussion on a Nebraska hunting site, cause they are thinking about allowing crossbows during archery season.  Alot of guys are under the impression that they will be effective to 150-200 yards.  I did a little research, and found a site showing actual specifications.  In truth, the crossbow is almost identical to a compound bow in all cases.  Effective hunting range is only 50-60 yards.  Here is a good link.


What do you guys think?  The only advantage i can see is that the Crossbow is already ready to fire, so you don't need to be stealthy when drawing it back.  Also, you can hold it indefinately at full draw, unlike a compound.

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This is funny because I just

This is funny because I just posted a similar post.  Our posts must have crossed in cyber space.

You're right about their effective range and for me the issue is does having crossbows during archery season impact the quality or safety of my hunt and the answer is no.  And, all things considered I'd rather hunt with the compound over the bulky crossbow.  Sure, it is easier to sight in a crossbow, but it isn't that hard to get accurate out to 30 yards with the compound bow and most shots will be closer.

I think the controversity really stems around competition.  People don't want to compete for bowhunting access and fear that allowing crossbows will drive up that competition.  This is a legitimate concern, but people won't come out and say it and offer all other types of excuses.

Again, the question I ask is if allowing crossbows affects the quality or safety of your hunt?  If not, then it shouldn't be a problem.

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