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Craigslist sellers warning

If anyone has vehichles or equipment listed on craigslist you shoud keep reading, I have my boat on craigslist. Today I recieved this email :

Sears Equipment Inc; write to inform you that we are
interested in purchasing the Boat

Please let us know if boat is still available
for sale so that we can make a purchasing decision.

However,shipping and other expenses involved would be
our responsibility.

Reply back to the same email address
Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,
Daniel. "

I did a google search and they directed me towards another forum with this being said:

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Re: Sears Equipment INC UK


Like Gary and the others, said "be careful"!
I have received my share of these inquiries for items that I have advertised on eBay and C'sList and I have concluded that when someone from another country contacts you wanting to buy your item whether it be on eBay or C'sL and they want to send you a MO, Certified Cashiers ck etc to pay for it, You can bet that it's a scam!
If you say yes you'll get a reply back that they are out of town and their agent, who usually owes them a large sum of money and will be paying "for them"and that they, the agent, will be sending you a "MO, CCK" with an amount in excess of your asking price and instructing you to "immediately run down to your bank and cash the MO,CCK etc and fwd the overage to their agent by Western Union" and then await the shipping co. to pick up the item that this "agent" will arrange..And that last sentence is just about word for word the way they'll say it!!

If you fall for it, and it's amazing how many people do, you will still have your item and your asking price, but not for long, and they'll have that "excess payment" and you'll never hear from them again!
But you will hear from the financial institution wanting their money money back from that worthless "paper" that YOU unwittingly hung on them! You'll have to return the full amount of that MO or CCK. Just try to find them to get the rest of it!

If you do sell an item to an overseas buyer insist on the payment being right to the Penny and then do not ship or release for shipment, until their MO CCK has cleared your bank by at least 10--14 day's.. That assures that the funds have been charged back against the proper account and that there's sufficient funds to cover the debit..And the bank won't come looking for you.."

that being said I'm going to see how this plays out but just to let you guys know. I'll keep you updated

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Craigslist sellers warning

These types of scams have been going for quite some time. Its definitely BUYER and SELLER beware!

Somewhere I read that 10-14 days is not long enough for a bank to clear your funds. If a check or money order has been forged, it can take longer to figure that out and they will come back on the person that cashed it.

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Craigslist sellers warning

Scam has been Active in various forms for at least 8 years or so. Originated in Nigeria and continues to be referred to as " Nigerian " but can be anywhere.
And I know one fella who sold Think his bow this way and lost a mere $3000 and this was the same day he was told it was a scam by The Bank. NO WAY, that's not a scam.! So he went to another bank, did the transaction .

Yup, hard to believe, but true !!!!

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Craigslist sellers warning

This happens a lot to people renting houses or property. You really have to be real vigilant these days.

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Craigslist sellers warning

at this point I plan on using this as mere entertianment. Im not sure how far they will actually go but we'll see how it plays out.