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Craig Boddington suffers a heart attack

Not sure if you guys heard this, I will post a link to see the news. My prayers to him and his family for a quick recovery.



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No I had not heard and thanks

No I had not heard and thanks for posting the link. My prayers to him and his family and wishing him a speedy recovery. I have been reading of his adventures for as long as I can remember and has been an inspiration to my hunting and my life.

He is truly a great hunter and adventurer.  I'm sure he will be right back after them shortly.


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Hadn't heard

No, I hadn't heard that yet.  Thanks for posting and letting us know.  What an extraordinary writer and person he is.  My prayers are with him and his family.

Thanks for the heads up.

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He is supposed to be doing

He is supposed to be doing well, but is still in the hospital for awhile.  I hope it doesn't come in threes like the old saying goes because his eldest daughter, Brittany, was recently involved in a leopard attack where she wounded a tracker that was under the animal when she shot and because he was in full camo she didn't know it.  It has been getting attention on some of the websites, but she and the PH gave written affadivits to the police and were absolved of any wrongdoing.  It all happened in 3-4 seconds when they were charged by an unwounded leopard they thought had departed after a confrontation with the the dogs that were on it's trail.  Normally when hunting them with dogs they will tree, but that one was a big, nasty male that decided he would stay and take care of his pursuers!

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Wow! I to have long been a

Wow! I to have long been a fan of Craig. I wouldn't be surprised if they find that he has some sort of blockage that they will do something about (probably from that French fondue). Yes Talk about a true hunter, though - he managed to put forth a smile when he posed for the hero shot after the heart attack!

That is really something about his daughter, the leopard and the tracker! Whenever I have read stories about that kind of attack where a fellow hunter is nearby with a rifle, I always wonder how often something like this happens. Especially in Africa, those solids that they often use will zip right through many animals the size of a leopard.

Prayers going up for both Craig and his wife and family, and for the daughter, who is no doubt kicking herself for injuring that tracker.


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jaybe---Not sure, but I don't

jaybe---Not sure, but I don't think they use solids for the cats, but mostly for Cape Buffalo and Elephants.  His wife was on the Net a few hours ago and she's taking Craig home for R&R today.  The deal with his daughter, rather than just being recently, happened in April of 2009 and is just getting out more on the net after this incident with her Dad.  I read the police reports she and the PH had to sign and he mentioned it was in April of 2009 in his statement.  He stated she acted just like anybody would have in the 3-4 seconds of the attack and could not see that a tracker/dog handler was under the cat getting mauled when she shot.

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i am sorryto hear this. 

i am sorryto hear this.  about the daughter shooting the tracker, with all the hoopla on the internet (good, bad, and neutral), i have never seen that anyone asked the tracker whether he preferred getting shot while trying to get the leopard off to probably getting  killed by the leopard (not that he is likely to prefer either of the two).

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that's too bad. i'm sad to

that's too bad.

i'm sad to hear about it, but we all age and we all will have health problems. it seemed so far away for me, since i'm still in my mid 20's, but my dad had 3 heart attacks and a stroke last year and lived for several painful days afterwards.

seeing it changes your perspective on life.

sadly, i will miss his contributions to safari magazine while he is recovering.

i wish you a swift recovery craig!


and definately too bad about his daughter. it's a terrible thing to have caused an accident. i imagine the guilt is terrible and excruciating.

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Sorry to hear about Craig. I

Sorry to hear about Craig. I don't follow outdoor magazines much anymore so don't know most of the writters, I know of and have read a lot of Craigs stuff.

As for his daughter, she's a hero. She most likely saved the mans life. I recall a program I watched years ago. A small boy was down in a hole and they couldn't get hin out. A doctor showed up and made a suggestion and a rescue worked told him to do so would dislocate his shoulder. The doctor told the rescue worker she could fix the dislocated shoulder. What she couldn't do was bring him back to life if he died. The boy was saved. Craigs daughter, thinking or otherwise, did the right thing. The wound in the tracker could be fixed. If the cat killed him, he'd just be dead.

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