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Coyote Questions

A couple years ago i was huntiny in washington county pa and a coyote ran past me i was going to shoot it but did not know the regulations for coyotes so i let it go. leeting that coyote go bugs me to this day how do you call in and attract coyotes also how do you keepthem around once they get close thank guys

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Coyote Questions

You can call them in with a electronic caller or a mouth call check your local regulations. And you keep them around by putting a bullet through them. HAHA just kiddin the only thing I can think of is bait like a gut pile or something.

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Coyote Questions
bnow0707 wrote:
And you keep them around by putting a bullet through them.

lol Yes lol Thumbs up
That is certainly the best way to get them to stick around. They are smart animals and will stay for a bit but if they sense that anything is out of order they will be gone. Don't give them the chance. Get them in range and put a bullet through them! I have good success with beaver carcasses and rabbit. I enjoy hunting them on a frozen lake or pond where they can see the carcasses and blood out in the middle.

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