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Coyote / Bobcat / Fox / Wolf Hunting Inquiry

Your task, should you accept, is to help one determine how best to stock up.  You see, I've been mulling over some thoughts on my hunting preferences here lately and thought I'd hit the boards to see what others were thinking (and using) as well.

There are many species that I love to hunt, but I want to keep each discussion very focused and very specific.  For the purpose of this discussion, my interests here are focused on COYOTE, BOBCAT, FOX and WOLF.

Now here's the meat of my inquiry....  you are to identify the following that you would use:

1) What rifle would you use for each?

2) What bow would you use for each?


I have my thoughts but will chime in later after I see what some of y'alls is!  I'll let this discussion run for a while and then compile the responses (along with responses that I receive from other inquiries) and post them up on my blog (and here of course!!!).



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As for the smaller ones,

As for the smaller ones, bobcat, coyotes, fox any 22 center fire will be a good choice. Personal choice is the .223 do to availability, I shot 22-250, 220 swift, 17 Remington, 221 fireball, 243 and several wildcats. The 223 has worked well on all, don’t forget your shotgun.


Wolfs will need a little bit bigger, I would go 260 Remington  2 other choices are the 243 or 7-08  


As for the second part (bow) I stopped bow hunting after my first deer with a bow, I don’t like the effects of the bow.

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