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Cow Elk unit 61 Co

My son and I have cow tags for 1st season Unit 61. Have not hunted this unit. Any info as to good areas. Have topos and will scout this coming week. Big area and not sure where to start. I am in my 60s and would prefer not to have to go into rugged terrain.Thanks for any help


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We hunted 61 in '06 with bull

We hunted 61 in '06 with bull tags.  We saw 5 bulls but never a cow on that hunt.

It seems like a majority of the hunters occupy the east end of the unit, and the Divide Rd will have camps all along it.  Having unit 61 tags is a huge advantage for you because it will allow you to get off the Divide Road into a limited area with a lot less hunting pressure. 

Take a close look at the tree covered benches and ramps halfway down into the canyons - especially Frank's Bench.  I personally really like Campbell Lake for a camp close to some good habitat.  Locate the water sources.  Also, a place called The Tongue has some ideal elk habitat. 

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Good luck to you!

Good luck to you!

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I know that the bulls in that

I know that the bulls in that unit are going to push into the really nasty terrain after the muzzy's and bowhunters get into them, which I guess that means now haha. I'm not sure about the cows though... it's probable that atleast some of them will stay in more accessable areas. It's probably better that you have a 1st season tag than a later rifle season. Elkkill06 is the crafty veteran from the area. If I was you I would shoot him a PM. Good luck and keep us posted on your hunt.