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Cow elk and Bear down

This year has been good to me in the hills even though I missed archery season due to my deployment to Iraq.  I came to Colorado at the end of October with three tags in my pocket.  My tags were for a Bull, a Cow and a Bear.  Filling two out of three isn’t too bad, is it? 

                Opening morning Grandpa, my two boys, Gabe and Aidan (10 and 8 years old) and I were still not in our hunting area because of some crazy wet weather.  We didn’t make it to our camp until 1300 opening day.  We set up camp and set off up the mountain on the wheelers.  Halfway up the mountain Grandpa’s wheeler started acting up so we decided that I would take the boys with me and Grandpa would go back and hunt around camp.  The boys and I parked the wheeler and started the hike into the top of the canyon we were hunting.  The weather was nice so I left the boys coats at the wheeler and they wore their light jackets.  We made it in about half a mile just to the top of the canyon and I spotted three cow elk moving across the far side of the canyon.  I spent about 10 minutes trying to get the boys to see them as they moved up the hillside.  Once they spotted the elk I decided to take the shot.  I ranged the biggest cow at 430 yards, found a steady rest and took my shot.  She disappeared and the other two stood there looking around, not knowing where the shot came from.  We waited and watched two of the three elk move over the top of the ridge.  As we hiked around the top of the canyon the clouds moved in.  When we found my cow it started snowing.  I pulled out my camera and was able to take one picture of the boys with the elk and then my battery died.  I did get some video of them as we walked up to her.  SO, we had an elk on the ground, it’s snowing and the boys are in their light jackets.  The race was on. I started gutting her and tried to do it as fast as possible because the boys were freezing.  It took about 20 minutes because she was wedged between a log and the hillside.  With that chore done we ran back to the wheeler just to warm them up.  We went back to camp for the night and picked up Grandpa to help us pack her out the next morning. It was a great opening weekend.  It was extra special because I was able to harvest an animal with my boys on the hunt.

                With one elk down, I spent a couple days getting her into the freezer.  I made it back up on the mountain on Wednesday night looking for a bull and a bear.  I went into “My Canyon” on a very cold Thursday morning and saw tons of bear tracks in the two day old snow.  After a couple miles of hiking on hard and very noisy snow I couldn’t find anything moving around.  I made my way back to camp for lunch.  During lunch, a couple friends stopped by and told me they had seen a huge bear a couple days earlier.  I took their advice and headed to the area where they had seen him.  I was off my wheeler for about 15 minutes, working my way to where they saw the big bear, when I spotted my bear.  He was feeding 86 yards away.  He had no idea I was there so I took my time and found a steady rest and took my bear at 80 yards.  One shot took him down, he went about 5 yards.  It was a very easy pack-out because I he was only 300 yards from where I parked.  I got my bear all packed up and put on the wheeler and I headed back into the woods looking for a bull.  I spent the next two hours not seeing anything.  That was the end of my hunt but I was happy.  Two out of three tags filled I drove my bear back to camp loaded up everything and headed back to town….. Successful hunt’s a great year so far…

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First, thank you for your

First, thank you for your service to our country and for protecting my freedoms.  It sounds like despite an interuption in your hunting season that you had a very successful season.  I appreciate the pictures and the nice story.

Thanks again for your service.

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Very nice!  Congrats!

Very nice!  Congrats!

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Congrats... TFS!!!

Congrats... TFS!!!

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The videos

Here are the links to my videos of this hunt



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