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Cover Scent for Pronghorns?


While hunting deer I always use a cover scent. I have had plenty of deer not detect me either on the ground or in my tree stand. I was wondering if any of you use a cover scent while hunting proghorns. What I use deer hunting is Hunter Specialties fresh earth which is great in the woods because it smells like dirt, dryleaves, etc.... but I have a feeling this scent won't work in the rolling prairies of the West. I have also used Wildlife Research's odor illiminator but with marginal success. I guess you could use this.... I realize that being down wind of any game is your best tactic and it does work but with stalking and having to move to get the best shot moving down wind may not be an option. I know Scent Blocker clothing is a great product but I can't shell out a whole weeks salary to purchase one piece of clothing.... Is there a sage brush cover scent.... ? Of course, do you really need to use a cover scent...? Give me your .02... Thanks Folks! YH

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Cover Scent for Pronghorns?

Scent control is always a good thing, but I don't think it is as important with pronghorn as whitetail.

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