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Couple cats






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Cool pics !!!


Thanks for sharing the pics and what a cat that first one is ! Thumbs up Also welcome to BGH !

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impressive cats!

Those are pretty impressive cats?

What method do you use for cat hunting?

I have of course seen them run and treed with dogs (not in person but on TV and in print) but one fellow I know maintains that cats really aren't hard to kill you just need patience and endurance.   

He waits until the snow is deep then drives until he finds a fresh track cutting the road.  After that he says that all that you need to do is to stay on the track.  By the end of the day the cat gets sick of floundering through the snow and comes to bay in some tree or on a rock.

According to this fellow, all you have to do is walk up and shoot them!  You don't even need a dog!

Of course you DO have to be able to go cross country in deep snow for several hours...but that's all their is to it! 

As fantastic as this sounds, I actually belive him.  He's a professional outfitter that seems to know his stuff, so I think he is telling the truth although I really don't have any way of verifying it.