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cougar and the .357 mag.

In montana cougar hunting is great. I always use my revolver its a S&W model 66 with a cheap scope on b-square custom mounts. I have always shot 125gr sjhp bullets ahead of 12grs of alliant blue dot. I have never had to track a cat or had to make a second shot on the four i have shot. All beutiful animals. My biggest cat was about 180lbs

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i went hunting one year lookin for black bear and beano a friend had a tag and i watched him gun one down with a ruger 22 pistol he told me the lion would not fall out of the tree and have a chance to atttack us

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cougar and the .357 mag.

For this type of game, my 357 Mag uses 180-gr. Winchester Supreme Partition Gold or Federal 180-gr. Hard Cast or Hornady 180-gr. XTP's as outstanding hunting rounds.

Like Hornady 125-gr. XTP's or Winchester 145-gr. Silvertips for self defense.

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cougar and the .357 mag.

I have a 1974 Virginain Dragoon on a western style frame revolver in 44mag with a 6 1/2 in blued barrel. I bought it from a hunting buddy for 150 dollars. Its in excellent condition. I got the gunned retailed by a gun smith and he priced it at $500. I shoot 250gr winchester platinum silver tips. I have never hunted cat but I know I have all the right stuff. Big smile

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