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Conflicting Deer Reports

Man, this is a crazy year!

I saw a buck this morning with only one antler and my buddy reported that he saw a small buck at close range this weekend and the pedicles were clear visible where both of his antlers have already fallen off...

It is possible that the one I saw had knocked one antler off but you wonder if it did not fall off as a shed already?

Now add to this mix - my brother saw two nice bucks dogging a doe on Sunday - he said they were all over her.

Must be a confusing time to be a deer!

What are you folks seeing?

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One of the guys I saw in

One of the guys I saw in Nebraska shot a deer last week that had dropped his antlers already.

However, they said it had been wounded, had an arrow sticking out of it.  Since they say that can change a bucks hormones, it's likely that's what caused him to drop.

Other than that, there has been nothing unusual that I have heard.

I will hopefully get out one more time, maybe an evening hunt next week.

Good luck next time you get out Jim.!

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This is the first I've heard

This is the first I've heard of deer dropping antlers.  I don't think we have any of that going on here yet.

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interesting story

Seems awfully early to me as well, as already mentioned, for deer to be dropping their antlers. I did see, just two years ago, a big deer shot as a doe that was a 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 yr old who'd had BOTH antlers broken off at the bases. NOT dropped, but surely broken by something. These were, at some time good sized bases on those antlers too.

As far as bucks chasing stil, I'm not the least bit surprised as the does old enough, that were not bred in November will come into estrus again in December and I'd figure that's what caused that deal. A buck will breed with any doe he finds able to until his antlers drop off. Then they become, well, not very romantic.  Whistling

Yup, every year is a learning experience, no doubt and I've yet to see or meet the man who's learned it all..... Yes


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I've seen deer drop their

I've seen deer drop their antlers as early as Dec 12 here in NC. That isn't a regular occurrance but I have seen it happen that early.

I have heard of mature "does" being shot, only to find out it was a buck that had dropped his antlers before the end of our season which is 1 Jan.

The bucks will be chasing as long as there is a doe to be chased, on in to Jan and Feb for sure. It depends on the buck to doe ratio and the population of deer in the area.

Jim, head out Thursday and you may get that big buck that has been eluding you. Good luck and good hunting.