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Comments Sought on Wyoming Nonresident Preference Points...

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Comments Sought on Wyoming Nonresident Preference Points Proposals

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Comments Sought on Wyoming Nonresident Preference Points...

I think Wyoming is being "VERY" GREEDY!!!!!!!
A lot of those Moose and Sheep units will take 10-15 Years of applying just to hit on a tag. If they charge the $75 per preference point that's $75 X 10 years = $ 750; Plus a $1,500 plus dollar license fee.
$40 per preference point, for Deer, Antelope, Elk! :x

I sent them this letter a while back.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Regulations, 3030 Energy Lane, Suite 100, Casper, WY 82604

“The G&F is proposing to set the price of a nonresident elk, deer or antelope license preference point at $40 for regular and special licenses.

The bill passed by the 2004 legislature also authorized increasing the price of nonresident preference points for moose and bighorn sheep. The G&F is proposing an increase from $7 to $75.”

Please reconsider your outlandish fees for a preference point. Many of your zones take 10 plus years to hit on a tag. Your price for a preference point isn’t even close to any other state. Colorado costs $3; Utah $5; Montana is the highest @ $20 and that includes Moose and Sheep. I thought one of your goals was to keep hunting growing, strong. With these ridiculous prices for preference points you are defeating the cause. The anti-hunters would love to see you increase your preference point fees to this unreasonably high cost, because they would win a huge battle, in their war against all hunting. You are supposed to be on our team but with these huge increases you are fighting with the antis against the sportsman who love the state of Wyoming.

Please do not make hunting in the state of Wyoming a “Rich mans sport”.

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