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Column in the Calgary Sun ( Grizzly Thoughts )

Hi all this is a column that was run in the Calgary Sun by Michael Platt. He has crossed the line on this one!!! It is a slap in the face of all Albertans!!!
Please follow the link and be sure to send letters to the Calgary Sun! All of the contact info is posted on the linked forum!!


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Column in the Calgary Sun ( Grizzly Thoughts )

I have nothing against hunting

If he doesn't have anything against hunting, why does he go out of his way to label "many Albertan" hunters as sociopaths?

I agree that to kill for the sake of killing is a poor (although sometimes necessary) reason to go hunting, but Mr. Pratt is using the bear issue as a front to unleash a diatribe against hunters.

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Column in the Calgary Sun ( Grizzly Thoughts )

Mr. Pratt is obviously an uninformed individual. By his own reasoning he has discredited his main argument. He goes on this rampage saying how munters are bad but then says, "let me qualify that by saying I have nothing against hunting or fishing for food -- or clothing". To me, that is an integral part of being a hunter. While there are many other good reasons for hunting which are obviously beyong the comprehesion of Mr. Pratt, at the end of the day a real "hunter" will use the bounty of the game harvested. Even trophy hunters (whom animal rights groups love to hate) keep the meat or donate it. People who kill just to kill are not hunters. I hope someday Mr. Pratt will see the difference.

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