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Columbian whitetail anyone?

OK, I posted this in the whitetail section and got zero replies. Heres the question to all you Oregon blacktail hunters.... what do you know about the columbian whitetail deer living in the Roseburg area? They will be offering 10 or so tags this year, mostly private lands.
Do any of you know much about them? Any land owners that I can contact?
I have 2 son's with quite a few preference points and would like to see if this hunt is worth while or not. Oldest son just graduated college and the other just got home from a tour in Iraq with the Ore N.G. 2/162... I'd like to do something cool / different for them if I can.
Any help / advise would be appretiated. BT53

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Col. Whitetail

Try the Southerlin/Glide area. Like you said, most of them are on private land. I've heard they have some real whoppers around though. Good luck getting the tags! I'm pretty sure that Deer Creek Outfitters has some property to hunt on.
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