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Colorado's New Online Big Game Brochure...

Colorado DOW has done a great job with their new online, interactive big-game brochure.  The 2011 version features embedded video tutorials explaining some of the common regulations.  There's also a video showing how to apply using the DOW's online license-application system.  Very helpful.



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We have an online pamphlet

We have an online pamphlet here sort of informing us of the basics, but nothing as in depth as this appears.

I really like the video.  As a first timer, I would find it very helpful.

Thanks for the link!

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It is a new development

It has not always been this nice.  In the last two years, I think CDOW has really started to work on improving both the regulations brochures and their website in general.  As stupid as it sounds, I think they are finally starting to realize that hunters pay their bills.  I think they also realized things like that can improve business.  I just hope they keep it up.  

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I look at a lot of states

I look at a lot of states websites and I do think that ours is one of the best. Some of them are very confusing or difficult to find the type of information you are looking for. Wyomings has also been pretty easy for me to get around in.