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Colorado unit 81 Help!!!

Hello all, new to the forum but a long time looker of the site.  I will be hunting the second rifle season of Elk the year with a unlimited over the counter tag.  Our camp will be in the Platoro, Co area at 9900 ft.  The group I am with has hunted that unit before but at lower elevations.  This will be my first Elk hunt.  I usally hunt mule or whitetail.  I have seen people hunt Elk by waiting them out on a ridge over a valley....I like to spot and stalk, what are some suggestions?  Anybody ever hunt in this area?  do we need to go higher or lower in elevation?  How is the bear hunting in the area?  There are a few OTC tags left and one of the guys I am with is interested.  Any tips would be great and appreciated. 




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Spot and stalk is tough...

Most people don't really spot and stalk hunt unless they are up over timberline or in areas with high visibility.  Off the top of my head, I think you are mostly going to be limited to elk only feeding out on a few hillsides.  That's a difficult way to hunt, and if you do spot elk across a drainage, do you really think they will be there in the 2 or three hours it takes to get there?


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I hunted there last year 2nd

I hunted there last year 2nd rifle.  Not a whole lot of people that I saw.  We did a drop camp with local outfitter who was horrible.  Hope your not going with them!  The area is beautiful, rugged getting to the top, but reasonably flat once your up there.  I guess it depends on where your going to.  They had alot of snow last year which I think had moved the elk all around.  On our 3rd day we got hit with a blizzard of snow for the next 2 days that ended up dumping close to 3ft on us!  That pretty much shut the elk hunting down.  Once your on top you can see the storms coming at you from the west!  It's pretty cool.  I think there are some really good bulls up there.  From what I've seen you can get high and glass and do some stalking around.  I will be there this year during archery (hopefully the weather will be nicer).  I'm going with a different outfitter on the southern end of 81.  Good luck to you guys!  You'll have a great time and it's beautiful up there!


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