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Colorado Ranching for Wildlife

I'm a Colorado resident with 16 pp for deer.  I have been researching the Ranching for Wildlife Ranches. I have the field narrowed but would like to know if anyone has any experience with any of them. Even if you have only hunted elk or antelope on them or know of a friend who did, I would welcome your input. 

I have two short lists.

The first is if I decided to go after the hunt this season.

Wolf Springs, Twin Peaks, Three Springs and Piñon Mesa


I am also gathering information on a second list but if last years draw data is any reflection I would not draw the following ranches for at least another year and probably several. 

Hill Ranch, Kessler Canyon and Kiowa Creek

Please note, I am not looking to start a thread about your opinion of Ranching for Wildlife. I know the pros and cons.  I am specificly looking for information on the above mentioned ranches.

Thanks All 

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Without looking at the

Without looking at the Wildlife ranching ranches I'm assuming the three springs ranch is in unit 10? I have 35 acres next to the ranch and hunted elk this year and spent a lot of time up there this summer. Not on the ranch but on public all around it. I probably saw 25 deer all summer and fall and only 2 bucks with 4 points on each side that woiuld still only push 150-160bc. Nice bucks but not for 16 points and a couple weeks of scouting elk. Even the game warden I talked to a few times said the deer outlook is not that great right now. 

Ahain I didn't ever go on or glass the ranch itself and it's a big one.

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go for the best unit

I'd go for the area in the best unit.  Though deer are more likely to stay on one property all year long than elk are, I'd still narrow it down by looking at the units that kill the smallest percentage of available bucks.  With that in mind, that should narrow your options considerably.  But I have not hunted any of those.