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Colorado Pheasant Opener: Any Luck?

Did anybody get out or know somewhat that got out for the pheasant opener yesterday (Nov. 13th)? I was out duck hunting and a guy in an adjacent blind had a rooster fly over him... he said it was the only thing that flew over his decoys all day. ha

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That would have been

That would have been classic!  Go out duck hunting, come home without a duck, but have a pheasant.... lol

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I killed it

I hit opening weekend out in Yuma.  We had 12 people including my son and girlfriend.  We killed it.  I limited out both days.  My son got his first pheasant.  My girl shot a bunch of holes in the sky. We missed so many birds.. It's loaded out there right now.  I even won a Burnelli SuperSport carbon fiber 12 ga. at the Pheasants forever dinner on Saturday night.  I guess it was my lucky weekend.  I will be out there again this weekend.


Pics from this weekend are here



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CO has made huge strides in

CO has made huge strides in pheasant hunting the last couple of years, good to hear alot of people did well.  I spent my opener in Kansas and suprisingly didn't do very well.

Will be out in the walk in areas next week, Yuma or Holyoke.

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We got out opening weekend in

We got out opening weekend in Holyoke, me and my dad both limited out. We had 13 guys in our group, and i think we shot 25 all together. It's looking like a good year so far

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