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Colorado Muzzleloader 28/37/371

I'll preface this with the fact that I haven't been very active on the forums here for a few years, and frankly I'm not a huge participant in stuff like this normally anyway. However, I do enjoy reading all your stories and overall love the brotherhood that hunting endears - even in a online social setting. Sorry I haven't been the most active member of the community.

I'm trying my hand at muzzleloading for the first time this year. Never done it before in my life. My hunting buddy and I drew elk tags in unit 28/37/371 and have started the scouting process. Its both a new area (though I've hunted deer in 28 before) and a new harvest type for us - so you could say I've got a lot to learn. I've already got a few cams up, studied the maps, and talked to the wildlife office. I'm going up there again this weekend for a short scout trip and getting a lay of the land more.

So I'm soliciting any information you are willing to give me on the area and the herds. I know 28/37/371 are busy areas with lower success rates as they are closer to the front range. We chose them as the draw rates were more favorable and it gave us a way to ease into muzzleloading quickly without as much investment. I'll be hunting the 4th season in my normal unit as well in case muzzleloading isn't successful.

PM if you are secretive, or reply if you don't care. I'm not asking for GPS coordinates, rather general areas I should try for that time of year (Sept 10-18) and things I should prepare for with muzzleloading elk. I've been practicing my elk calls as frankly I've never done anything but rifle hunt and didn't rely on calling too much. Its all pretty exciting and thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might offer.


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