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Colorado Governor: Hickenlooper

Well it looks like we got Hickenlooper. If it wasn't for the mess that we had on the conservative side of the ticket it might have turned out differently but hey... we tried I guess.

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Well, I believe if you added

Well, I believe if you added up Tancredo and Maes, they still did not total more than what Hickenlooper got.  It was a mess, but I don't know if it made a difference in the long run.

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I think

Either way.  I think a clear message was sent and was clearly recieved by both the Dems and Reps.  Just look at how much support Tancredo had for stepping into the race as late as he did.  His numbers left Maes in the dust so bad it was pathetic.  Hickenstooper may be the next governor, but just look at how much momentum the Constitutionalist Party had in such a short period of time.  Just imagine if Tancredo had been in from the beginning.  I say keep it up, lets not let the momentum of the Constitutionalist Party slow down.  They can have a viable presence in the next elections.  I think they made a pretty good dent this time and  I hope that momentum still carries on.

The Dems got thrown into a pretty akward position right now.  Even Obama is stunned because he knows the message he's getting.  I had worried that as anti-gun as Hickenlooper is that he might try to screw with our rights statewide.  Now I wonder.  This election sent a pretty good message as to just how fed up most of us are with the Democrats and Obama's administration.  They'd be stupid to try anything now.  They know they're walking a fine line with the people.  I just hope a clearer more decisive message gets sent in 2012.

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I was watching a Dem, forget

I was watching a Dem, forget his name, on CNN this morning and he didn't get it.  Like the president, he said that the people are upset about it taking longer than expected to turn the economy around.  He went on to say that people need to understand that the economy was in such bad shape when they got it that it is going to take a while to improve.  His message was that the people were upset because they just didn't undertand how hard it is to turn the economy around.

Later I listened to a republican who did get it.  He said, just because the people voted us in it doesn't mean we're off the hook now.  We need to listen to the people and represent them.  They want us to stop deficit spending and lower the deficit.

The dem also said that Pelosi had the votes to be the minority leader in the house, could be effective and worked hard for the middle class.  She is really out of touch. 

Someone once remarked about parenting, don't worry about whether or not your children are listening to you.  Worry that they are watching you.  The same thing can be said for elected officials.  it doesn't matter what you say, it matters what you do.  Say you care about the middle class but jet around the country or world wasting taxpayer dollars and no one will believe you.

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