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Colorado GMU 12 DIY

Am gonna hunt gmu12 on our first real DIY hunt this year. Hunted milk creek area with Bar H in 08 and connected on 1 nice 5x5. We scouted last week FS road 250 up to FS 299. Will plan on hunting north into milk creek area and northeast up toward sleepy cat peak. We saw several campsites that looks as though they are used year in and year out along FS250 from wilson park up to fs299. What is the protocol for using one of these areas to set up in. Are they used by the same groups of hunters year after year or are they first come first serve. We are not wanting to set up somewhere and then have a group come in and try to claim it as theirs. We just want to hunt this area again, not piss anyone off over a campsite. Will not be able to scout again before first season as it is 13+ hours from the house. Will arrive on Wednesday morning before the opener to set up camp. Any suggestions or help on this area would be neat. Thanks!

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no reservations required!

Get there early move in, set up. Done. Those camp sites don't "belong" to anyone. First come, first served. The only possible hitch would be an outfitter who sets up a camp for the entire run of the seasons (archery-fourth) but I've not seen that along 250. If I was paying an outfitter I'd be pretty unhappy if they plopped their camp right there. We hunted that area for many years and some sites are better than others, as you know. We usually set up camp on Thursday afternoon but sometimes we were late or couldn't get away from other commitments and didn't set up until Friday. That area got pretty crowded but we always found a place. If someone tells you you're in their spot tell them to get lost. We saw some of the same guys up there year after year and the ones who were always in the same place got there early. If you get there late, you get what's left. Good luck!