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Colorado elk hunting units 30, 21-Douglass pass

Happy new year everyone

My wife and I were hoping to get some help. We need info, pictures of the area. This will be our first time hunting elk on the west slope. We are very interested in the Douglass pass area. I hunt archery, and my wife hunts first season rifle. We are experienced elk hunters and just need some help so we can narrow down the areas to where we will scout this spring. If any kind souls can help us with this we would greatly appreciate it. If anyone needs info on the north park area units 16, 17 let me know. thank you for your time Max and Nikki

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Colorado elk !


Welcome to BGH ! Unit 30 can be quite a challenge due to a lot of the country is very steep and deep, but I think you definately have a better chance of taking bigger bulls in 30. Unit 21 is a little better than 30 with a little easier terrain.  If you can get away from the crowds in both units you can do quite well.

There are others on here that can help you a little more than myself. Good luck on your quest. Thumbs up

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unit 30 elk

Thank you for the welcome elkkill.


A little more info on this.  Years ago when i was 22 years old, (36 now) I traveled up the road from debuque heading towards lamicq's ranch---was gonna pay trespass fee---never hunted with them...at the time we were still hunting in north park with great success so why try and fix something which isnt broken.  However thru the last 7 years our success has dropped to about 10 percent.  Archery 2010---didnt even see a elk, BP season---didnt even see an elk----wife scored her first elk opening morning first rifle--never saw an elk after that...about 20 hunters hunters hunting around us----she was the only one to get one(i sat with her and was the sherpa-guide)


that lead us to now...I plan on scouting the douglas pass area at least 5 times this spring and summer- 2-4 day trips, however i have never been there...and looking on the maps it does look very rugged  hence why  if anyone has some hunting pics or some pics of the area--panoramic they can send to me----they would be greatly appreciated...we do not own an atv---nor do we car to buy some unless we absolutley have to.  We have wall tents and pull trailers good 4 wheel drives--but hunt always on foot, and desire to get back into the bush .....we are more of meat hunters but will shoot a big bull(personal best 353 with a bp unit 16 on public land) so anyone out there with pics of the area--kill pics so forth shoot em our way please.

My wife Nikki 5 mins into opening day this year


thank you for your time,


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Gmu 21,30


PM me for info on some areas.

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Rugged country

I have been hunting up there since 2002.  Those areas are full of elk but like elkkill said it is crazy steep.  There is a ton of private up there too.  The land owners and outfitters up there harass people all the time so you better know where you are.  I just picked up a land use overlay for my GPS to make sure I’m hunting public land. 


Here are a couple pictures from my hunts.  These pictures don’t do it justice though.  As you will find out on your scouting trips it is very rugged country.

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