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Colorado Elk Hunt

Hey Folks,

After some adversity, I am trying to get back in the swing.

I have been invited, by some very gracious and kind hearted hunters, to join them in the San Juans for a late September bow hunt.

I envisioned my first hunt as a rifle hunt - but the lack of crowds and the milder weather (and some folks that know what they are doing) sound very good.

Some folks argue that NW Colorado has more elk and offers a better chance at a harvest.

Does anyone care to take up that argument?

My plan is to hunt OTC for a few years and gain some points - but I desperately need some direction on where to go and areas that offer a great chance - particularly if the hunter is willing to spend some time walking... which sounds great to me.

Less crowds = more happiness to me.

I am already on the diet and starting the work out regimen in anticipation of September!

Thanks to all - it is because of BGH that I have this desire to hunt out there SO BADLY!!!




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Sounds like a plan !!


It's always best to start elk hunting with someone or several someones that have done it for a while. Then to chase them during archery season is even better. To me an archery hunt (I started biggame hunting with a bow in hand) is typically a more relaxed hunt and a little more enjoyable with typically better weather.

I do not know how to argue over the NW corner is better than anywhere else. Yes there are more elk up there, but if you work hard in most OTC units you can get it done. The key is knowing your hunting spots very, very well. Yes Most the units around where I live on the West Slope have great elk hunting.

Good luck on your quest !


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     The SanJuan forest is

     The SanJuan forest is full of screaming elk in the later part of Sept!!!!! I hunt unit 71 OTC and we have a ton of fun. Just make sure you get a few mile away from any roads and other hunters if possible and you will find them.

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Good luck with your hunt and

Good luck with your hunt and planning.

I've only taken a couple of small bulls so far as I'm more of a deer hunter but am planning to cash in my 17 elk points this year or next in area 10 in the NW corner.

Area 201 seems to keep moving just out of reach every year and I now own 35 acres in 10 to base out of so I think I'll go with that one.

The photo shows what will someday be the view from the porch of my cabin.

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There certainly are more elk

There certainly are more elk in Northwest Colorado, but I like the hunting south of I70.  There's a lot fewer people and plenty of elk.  And if you've got someone to go with, just let them point you in the right direction.  Consider your first year a learning experience and have fun with it.  

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Take the guys up on that

Take the guys up on that September bowhunt Jim!  You will be hooked when you get out there that time of year and hear those big bulls screaming!!!  The only thing that compares to calling bulls in the rut is hunting longbeards in the Spring!!!  I hunted out of Pagosa Springs many moons ago before Colorado even had unit designations like they do now.  There were way to many hunters for my enjoyment of the hunt itself, but it is fabulous country and you will get your feet wet and have a ball!!!

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good luck!

It sounds to me like you have a great hunt ahead of you and that you are doing all the right things to get ready.  Fewer people definitely make for a better hunt in my book too.

Please keep us posted as the hunting trip plans come together, I am thinking about putting in for elk myself.  I fugure I might as well try.  There is nothing to lose by putting an application in.

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Thanks for all of the

Thanks for all of the positive encouragement - I can not wait to get out there!


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