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Colorado Elk Hunt

I have an elk hunt on a private ranch in the 3rd season in Colorado in Unit 31.

I used to deer hunt this area in the late 1960's. There weren't any elk in this area then.

Elevation of the ranch is from 3000 to 8500. If I remember right, probably what I call little oak, with aspens in the draws, and maybe a little dark timber up high.

i guess I'll plan on using a lot of boot leather the first couple of days to locate where the elk are.
Would appreciate any suggestions as to how high or where to concentrate on.
I'm sure it will depend on snow cover or?

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Colorado Elk Hunt

Difficult question to answer given the info provided, unfortunately I'm not terribly familiar with 31. Are you down around De Beque?

Anyway, yes, snow (and therefore temperature) will play a big factor in where the elk are or are migrating too. 3rd season should see snow at or above 6000 feet usually in the areas that I'm familar with. However I've seen some warm third seasons in which case they really won't move lower.

A lot depends on the amount of snow as well, a light dusting (a few inches even) in what is already a good feed area probably will not motivate them to move lower. Frigid temperatures (days below freezing) and prolonged snow cover will though. Might want to ask the locals where they tend to see elk hanging out at that time of year once "the snow flies".

I don't think elk have an altimeter in their head, instead I think they go where instinct tells them they'll get a better shot at food, that happens to be lower once the deep stuff comes.

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elk hunt

where are you hunting whats the name of the ranch

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Colorado Elk Hunt

Well, I'm back from the hunt.

3 days of snow and managed to knock out my radiator in the jeep.
Had to chain all four wheels. That "trail rated" emblem on the side of the Grand Cherokee is misleading. Ice came in through the cooling slot in the bumper. when going through deep frozen water. Wife a little upset with how I treated the jeep. Poor design as far as I am concerned.
Lost two days fixing jeep. Thanks to the group from Texas that took me to town to order radiator. Great group of guys. Only took 5 hours to get to town. 6 inches of snow at 6500 ft. and 18-24 inches at 8500. Lot's of mud lower down.

Ranch was out of Debeque.
Saw four bear and no elk or deer. Felt like I never really figured out how to hunt the area.
11 hunters did not get anything. One group saw 8 cows in one group, and another group saw 2 cows.

Guess I'll go back to the Grand Mesa National Forest area next time where I see an elk once in awhile and don't have to pay so much. Enjoyed myself as usual, but can enjoy myself with less cost in the National Forest.

Thanks again to the group from Texas. I know they get a bad name from the Colorado residents, but this was a great group of guys.

Phil from Missouri

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Colorado Elk Hunt

"Thanks again to the group from Texas. I know they get a bad name from the Colorado residents, but this was a great group of guys."

Nah, we don't mind VISITORS from Texas. We just don't like it when they MOVE here, and then complain because it isn't like Texas!

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Colorado Elk Hunt

yea, aslong as they are a goin' and not a stayin, it is fine with me.

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