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Colorado buck attack after the kill

I'm sure some of you have seen muley attacks but regardless I watched this one serveral times again today & just amazing. Just crazy how focused that live buck is with his aggression on the dead one. My cousin actually had a similar event take place in 2009. It can happen!


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Cool video. My Buddy had occassion to shoot a nice little boar last year on our hunt in Georgia. As it lay dead another boar came up and started giving the dead one a work-out. My Buddy gets kidded to this day about the text he sent out saying his hog was being "molested" by another after he shot it....LOL!! lol

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Colorado buck attack after the kill

While I was skinning out my son's first black bear, we had two other bears walk in on us that we had to chase off...the bigger one refused to leave and stayed just out of sight in the brush close enough for us to hear him.  Nothing does a better job at focusing one's mind and accelerating the skinning and quartering process.

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