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Colorado Area 61 4th Season

Anyone have any tips for hunting area 61 (bull) 4th season?

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Unit 61

The big bulls are going to be off by themselves or in small groups. They will be down lower in between the thick oak brush and the pinion and juniper country. It will be tough digging them out of the woodwork with lots of glassing and covering lots of country.

This big storm moving through right now may help you out in the way of colder temps and some snow. Making them have to feed more frequently and hopefully staying out longer during daylight hours, but make no mistake it is not going to be an easy hunt.

Good luck on your hunt. Thumbs up

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Colorado Area 61 4th Season

I was there during the second season this year. I would recommend a good set of optics. Find some vantage points and spend some time glassing. There are plenty of elk to look at. Once we got away from the roads, there were no other hunters. Binoculars are helpful, but a good vantage point and a spotting scope would be helpful. Good luck.

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We have 5 cow tags. Are you

We have 5 cow tags. Are you hunting by yourself? I have some spots that was holding alot of bulls last year during 4th. What area are you thinking about hunting? How many points did that take? I hunted 1st season last year and I saw some better bulls during 4th when we were hunting bucks thats just my luck. I'll probably see a ton of monster bucks this year. Send me a PM and Ill tell you where we will be camping and I can help you out......Steve