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Colorado archery elk

I am looking for a good area in Colorado for OTC archery elk. I plan to hunt the last week of archery season. I have hunted in Colorado many times with some success, (mostly in limited areas) but have not seen many animals in OTC areas. So I am looking for any info as to a good area to see lots of elk.Thanks for any help.

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Colorado archery elk

Welcome to BGH.
Good question, we are all looking for that area. Some years we get into them everyday and other years we have to hunt for them for a few days or even 4 or 5 days to find them. Elk areas that get alot of pressure will change from year to year, especially when guys hunt their bedroom. When they get spooked out of their bedroom, they they tend to leave the area for a while. With you planning to hunt the last week of archery season, its hard to say what area will be best. OTC archery areas can be really good and bowhunters kill big bulls every year in most of the OTC units.

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Colorado archery elk

Depends on where you want to go and how far you're willing to pack in (or pack on elk out). Maybe I can help some.
There are all kinds of OTC areas that are virtual elk magnets. Getting back in there away from the crowds and day hikers is the key. Once the muzzleloaders get into gear, the big Ka-Boom will pretty much enlighten any elk in the area that it's that time of year again. Getting back in there and away from any access is going to be the one factor that may put an elk in your freezer. Check your regs booklet and look at some of the undersubscribed units. Flip me a PM if you ahve any questions and need a point i the right direction.


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