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Cobller Dutch Oven Style

 This is certainly the most simple cobbler recipe in the world, except that it is now a little difficult to find the final ingredient:
1 can of sliced peaches, I usually slice them into thirds again.
1 box of yellow cake mix.
1 can of red cream soda.

Done in that order peaches on the bottom then sprinkle the cake mix with no mixing or stirring involved then poor on the red cream soda. Cooked for about 40 minutes or until the mix is now cooked.

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Easy Desserts

Look for the peaches at Costco.  Can't remember the brand & we're out right now but they come in a twin pack of I think 16 oz mason type jars.  Best I've tasted - better than the canned type.  Our family spent last week camping & we made our version several nights.  Never had any leftovers.  We used canned pie fruit, different flavors of cake mix & different soda flavors.  Try lemon cake, blueberry filling & cherry 7UP.  10 inch dutch oven, 15 or so briquets on top & 10 below.  Rotate lid 90 degrees left & bottom 90 degrees right about half way thru (15 - 20 minutes).

I like your peaches idea.  Gonna try that one next time.  Thanks!  

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Thanks for the recipe

Thanks for the recipe critter. I'm new to dutch oven and this sounds good and easy to do.

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