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CO Lifetime Habitat Stamps

If you were considering purchasing a Colorado Lifetime Habitat Stamp, buy it before April 1, 2011.  Currently, Lifetime Habitat Stamps are $200.25, and on April 1st, the price increases to $300.25.  Also, if you go to the CDOW website to purchase your lifetime habitat stamp, do it as a separate transaction from purchasing licenses for the 2011 year.  If you start by applying/purchasing licenses for the 2011 year, the Lifetime Habitat Stamp price will appear as $300.25.  However, if you select 2010 as the desired license year, you can still purchase the Lifetime Habitat Stamp for $200.25. 

The Annual Habitat Stamp is $10, and that remains unchanged for 2011, but I have a strong suspicion this fee will increase in the near future. 

As a matter of curiousity, do you purchase Lifetime Habitat Stamps for the states you hunt, or do you purchase Annual Habitat Stamps?  Do all the other states have similar programs (habitat stamps, lifetime or annual)? 

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That's an interesting thing,

That's an interesting thing, and I don't know that Michigan has anything similar to it.

When we purchase a hunting license, it is a stand-alone tag. There is no separate "habitat stamp" that we have to purchase.

There are a few certain (special) areas that require an "access permit" for daily hunting priveleges, but other than that, there is nothing to purchase beside the license itself.

I notice that in addition to purchasing our mule deer tag for the Wyoming hunt, we have to get a "Conservation Stamp" at a local vendor before we can go hunting. I suppose that is a similar thing to what you have in Colorado.

As far as lifetime licenses, stamps, etc. we have nothing like that here.


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jaybe---You can buy that

jaybe---You can buy that Wyoming Conservation Stamp right on the G&F website just like you did applying for your license.  Just go to the site and you'll notice the line near the top to click on and buy licenses, stamps, etc.  You pay for it and print it out right at home.  I reduced mine in size and stapled it to my deer tag last year or you can continue to buy the actual stamp out there and stick it on the back of your license just like the MI or Federal waterfowl stamps.

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I had not considered buying

I had not considered buying the lifetime stamp as it would take 20 years and possibly more now to pat for itself. Might be a good idea for the younger guys but I'll just keep going like I have been.

Not sure if other states offer a lifetime on this one but I would consider some kind of lifetime hunting license if it was available.

What Topgun said is the best thind to do for Wyoming so you have everything together before you get there. I had a huge problem one year and got a late start hunting because the place we usually bought our stamp was closed for some kind of repairs and we had to go way out of our way to find some.

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That's exactly why I like to

That's exactly why I like to have everything taken care of that can be done before I hit the road.  There are enough other things to do when you get to your destination than worrying about trying to find a place to buy something like that that is a necessity to be legal to hunt!

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I am with Hunter25 on this

I am with Hunter25 on this one. I am an old man already and not sure it would be worth it to me either. I keep thinking about it, but yeah, another 20 years and you STILL have to buy the $5 dollar one too boot!Confused

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I'm an old fudd with these

I'm an old fudd with these others on here and a lifetime one doesn't make any sense for me.  I figure that I only have 15-20 more hunting years left in these old bones and if I make it to 20 years I'll be pushing 80.  Now if they raise the yearly stamp cost which they will  then it all depends.  But now if you are in your 20's or even your 30's it makes sense if you have the money to do so. 

25 years ago I bought a lifetime hunting license in the state of Utah while I was a resident there.  It gives me a combination license for fishing, small game, and a deer tag in the general unit of my choice for the rest of my life.  At that time I figured that it would take me 15 years at the cost of the combination license at that time to get my money back.  I hadn't planned on moving to Colorado for work but that license has saved me a lot of money over the years since I don't have to buy a non-resident deer tag but all other tags that I decide to put in for are non-resident but that doesn't bother me since I can't manage to draw out on any of the hunts except for the limited entry elk that I drew out 10 years ago. 

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It would be great for a young hunter, but it doesn't do us old farts much good.


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Habitat Stamps

Nevada's equivalent to a habitat stamp is called an "Upland Game Bird" stamp and costs $10.00.  There's no option for a lifetime stamp.  My annual license cost here totals $84.00.  That buys me a combination hunt/fish license, an Upland stamp, a State duck stamp and a State Trout stamp.  Don't hunt ducks, upland birds or fish for trout and keep $10.00 each.

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