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CO GMU 53 63 2nd Rifle Elk Cow Tag, suggestions?

Hello all,
great site! newby here. Not new to hunting but new to elk hunting and Colorado. overwhelmed with the amount of acreage available and wondering if anyone can provide some guidance on any of these two units for a good place to start? any information will be greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to BGH and Colorado.

Welcome to BGH and Colorado. Hope you stick around and share some photos and stories. Sorry to say I cannot help you on the two units as I have not hunted that area.

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Thanks SGM,

will do,...
thanks for the welcome. I am so excited to get out there.


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My standard advice to

My standard advice to questions like this is to call the DOW, and talk to a biologist. Also, ask for the wardens phone number for those units. Give him a call, and he'll know more about the unit than most hunters. It's part of his job to help you out.

I'll also add that you should always do this before applying for a unit. Along with a lot of studying maps. If you're new to elk hunting you should read the Elk Hunting University on the DOW web site.

Asking where to hunt usually won't get much of a response from veteran hunters.

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thanks for the advice on calling DOW...will do. I've done the Elk University...some great info there. I have several maps of the areas. Dano..