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CO 47, 471 vs. 43

Anyone have any experience with mulies in these units.  In looking at the statistics 43 boasts much higher success rates in comparison to 47 and 471.  43 also has alot more pressure according to the DOW's statistics with very few hunting hours being credited to 47 or 471.  Do you feel these numbers are due to animal population differences or due to access issues in 47 and 471.  Being that they are in the same region and appear to be made up of somewhat similar terrain what causes the major difference in success rates in your opinion?  pm's are cool if you don't care to share on the thread.

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I hunted 43 one year for elk

I hunted 43 one year for elk and it was a zoo.  Not to mention the private property on the east side.  471 is about the same but I have seen a few nice mules up Lincoln Creek towards the private property. 

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