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Is cloudy/rainy better?

I've been scouting a lot in preparation for the coming spring season, and today was cloudy/rainy all day, and I started at about 6:30 in the AM, and saw more active jakes and toms and any other day thus far. Pretty much all the pastures I checked were occupied by anywhere from one to fifteen turkeys, had today been season, I would have had many toms to choose from. Not all of them were that big, but several individuals look to be better than 15 lbs, so if rainy is better, I'll be doing rain-dances on a daily basis until season starts.

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Is cloudy/rainy better?

well i dont know anything about turkeys but i do know for deer rains good cause it covers your sound and it moves them around a lil bit and for crows a great day to hunt them is durings cloudy and fogy days dont know if this helps ya or not just sayin what i know maybe the same for turkey?

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Is cloudy/rainy better?

same here i dont know much about turkey hunting either but i find i see alot more animals in the rain because they cant hear you aswell because of the rain

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