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That isn't right to generate

That isn't right to generate revenue from the hunts that way. How about properly manage the bear hunt by permit? That way you know you'll get to hunt when hunting season rolls around. Some people may not be able to hunt until a particular date; it isn't right to close the season on them when they haven't had a chance to fill their tag.

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close call with kitty

I was hunting up in the Yolly Bolly wilderness northern California about half way down this ridge when i heard a shot so I set down and waited for a while to see if any thing would come my way it was late in the day and I had a long walk back so I thought I would go up and see if the guy needed help getting his deer out we were a long was from the trail head when I got close to him he was just standing there it was probably 30min. from the sound of the shot I asked if he got him he said ya I asked where is he I will help you get him back so he pointed I looked and saw it laying there about 20 yds. it was 15' tip of nose to tip of tail its paw was 12" across this thing was hugh he said he herd a noise and saw a doe then heard a noise behind him he looked and this cat jumped out at 20' and started to grawl so at that time he shot it this thing could have jumped that far if he hit you with his paw it would have been bad news this is the first time I have seen a moutian lion seen a lot of bobcats makes you wonder how many times I have been watched.   

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Buddy just had one last

Buddy just had one last night.  Apparantly someone placed a deer carcass and trailcam 20 yards from a popular parking spot.  He didn't know about it, and he got out uesterday and had an eerie feeling.  Coming out, he found a big set of kitty tracks over his bootprints...... Help!

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close kitty

At 10 yards I would have had my pistol out,but would have thrown a rock to get rid of him I hope.I still would cover my back in case he circled around me.